Our Products

Savings Products

Lion Savings

Aimed at encouraging citizens to set money aside for investment or to save for unforeseen circumstances.


Lion Transactional Savings

Gives individual savers the freedom to save and transact at the same time.

Lion Target Savings

A savings account for a specific pre-set goal. We will help you achieve that.

Student Pride Savings

The account is available to all Zimbabwean students at universities and colleges until they graduate.

Senior Citizen Savings

Targeting people over 60 years of age who want to enjoy comfort in retirement.

Cub Savings

Aimed at teaching the child financial responsibility at an early age. Available to all school going children.

Lion Group Savings

Targeting formal and informal groups of people saving money for their various projects.

Lion Mukando Savings

This is a group target savings account. It targets formal and informal groups of people saving money for a pre-defined use or purpose.

Pride Enterprise Savings

A SME transacting account for people in business.

Lion School Collection Account

Allows schools to receive fees collection. This is for formally registered schools.

Fixed Deposit Accounts

Deposit placed for an agreed period of time.

Loan Products

Order Finance

Working capital facility advanced to SMEs and individuals in business for the purpose of financing orders from reputable customers

Invoice Discounting

Working capital facility advanced to SMEs against an invoice issued to reputable customers. This is after the SME has supplied and customer has accepted the goods supplied.

School Development Facility

To meet capex and working capital needs of schools including vehicles, sports and general infrastructure developments.

Rental Receivables Facility

The bank can advance funds to property owners against anticipated rental receipts from reputable tenants.


An emergency loan facility advanced to cover urgent personal needs and unforeseen emergencies e.g. funeral, prepaid electricity, bills or personal incidentals.

Consumer Loans

This loan is given to individuals with identifiable income sources.

School Fees Loan

Personal loans granted for purposes of meeting school fees obligations.

Asset Finance

The loan is granted for the purpose of acquiring equipment, machinery and motor vehicles.

Green Loan

This is funding directed towards pro-environment projects including renewable energy, biogas, recycling activities.

Women Loan

Targeting all women in SME business.

SME Loan

It is a specially designed loan facility for SMEs.

Group Loan

Loan facilities granted to a voluntary formal or informal group of individuals who want to cross guarantee each other’s borrowings.

Murimi/Master Farmer

A Loan facility specifically designed for farmers.

Youth in Enterprise

Offers loans designed for people in business under the age of 40 years.

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