About Us

Lion Microfinance Limited trading as Lion Finance Zimbabwe is a registered Deposit Taking Microfinance Institution that takes pride in being the first developmental bank in Zimbabwe.

Lion Finance Zimbabwe (LFZ) is in the business of transforming lives through financial inclusion for sustainable growth.

At LFZ we offer a full range of financial services that directly impact people and transform communities by helping them generate sustainable income, build assets, smooth consumption and manage risks.

Such services are offered by leveraging on technology to enable our customers and all our stakeholders to have access to a truly robust financial service offering that will enhance and transform their lifestyles and their communities and ultimately our Zimbabwe. We expect that this will significantly reduce the cost of access to financial services and enable the Bank to avail its services to all Zimbabweans be they in rural, urban or peri-urban areas.

We are driven by our desire to connect markets, suppliers and funding to formal and informal SMES and MSMES in support of BUY ZIMBABWE Campaign as we position ourselves to play our part in creating a legacy for future generations.

We believe that placing Women and Youths at the fore front of our effort guarantees strong and sustainable communities which make a good foundation for our nation.


Transformation of lives through financial inclusion for sustainable growth


Leveraging digitalisation to provide business and financial solutions for our chosen market.

Core Values




Continuous Learning

 “We create order out of chaos, beauty out of ugly randomness. That’s what Lion Finance Zimbabwe is all about.”

Lion Finance Zimbabwe