(Tender No: LFZ/004 /LOGO/2018)

Lion Finance Zimbabwe (LFZ) is a licensed Deposit Taking Microfinance bank whose vision is the Transformation of Lives through financial inclusion for sustainable Development.
LFZ offers a full range of financial services that directly impact people and transform communities by helping them generate sustainable income, build assets, smooth consumption and manage risks.
Such services are offered by leveraging on technology to enable our customers and all our stakeholders to have access to a truly robust financial service offering that will enhance and transform their lifestyles and their communities and ultimately our Zimbabwe.

LFZ is poised to fly beyond the one branch and reach out to all the provinces of Zimbabwe. To mark this turning point and to reflect the trajectory of growth, the Company plans for a makeover.
The scope of the re-branding exercise is as given below.
No. Targeted areas Out come
1. Renovating brand identity –Logo, color & Tag line. The Logo unit and the color reflects the core values and legacy of the company. It should also address the aspirations of the new generation. The phenomenal future potential of the Company should also be reflected by the Logo. A tagline can also be incorporated along with the symbol in case the agency feels if it would enhance the impact of the symbol. The logo should work well in single colour printing also (Black and white). The logo should be scalable in both small and large sizes (It should look good both on the visiting cards and on a billboard) . The logo should be aesthetically balanced, no one element should overpower the rest of the elements, the symbol and the tag line used should be balanced. The logo should not resemble any other brand’s logo or elements should not be taken from competitor brand logos.
2. Name board signage A consistent design language across all the branches/office and consistent usage of the vernacular language in the name board.
3. Internal Signage A consistent design and layout language will go across all the offices and internal signages.
4. Internal
communication Tools Consistent design language across all Internal communication Tools.
With this backdrop, we are inviting tenders for designs & ideas from creative agencies who have a strong design and aesthetic sense with comprehensive ability to conceive and execute design ideas. Interested agencies are invited to submit the proposals and may collect the tender form by remitting a non- refundable admin fee of $50.00 through RTGS transfer to Lion Finance Zimbabwe PC Account ; Account number: 000 118 00000 9501

The costs of preparing the proposals are not reimbursable and LFZ is not bound to accept any of the proposals submitted.
The Creative Agency should deliver the Concept DVDs (5 Nos) along with the printed copies of the logo and other signages in accordance with the scope of work detailed in Tender Document, along with their versions in single colour and scalability. The concept notes should be attached along with each design submitted. All submissions are to be directed to:
The Human Capital and Administration Manager, 4th Floor, Century Towers, 45 S. Machel Avenue HARARE.
Scrutiny & finalisation of the tenders will be made by a panel, appointed by the Company, considering all relevant factors. The last date of submission of Tender is 26th November 2018 before 1600hrs.



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